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International Zine Month

Did you know that Zines (pronounced Zeen) were all the rage back in the day? And if you look closely at some of the fanbase and homemade memorabilia made in this day and age, they can still be considered popular today, although no one knows it as they don't use the same word for it. CLICK HERE to learn more about zines, the history and how to make one yourself, and even some examples to gather inspiration from!

Alice in Wonderland Day - 4th

Down the rabbit hole, you go! It's Alice in Wonderland Day!

Please take a look into the life of the author of this classic tale and how he came to write it. And don't forget to CLICK HERE for a look into our collections of Alice in Wonderland books and movies told throughout the years and how you can celebrate the day!

The 4th of July!

In the beginning, there were wars and protests, but there were also some historical events happening in the making of America. To learn more about the history and making of America for the 4th of July, CLICK HERE. You might also find to exciting ways to celebrate this year and maybe surpass some traditions.

All American Pet Photo Day -11th

Don't you just love animals? Especially the ones that click with you so well? Well, dive into All American Pet Photo Day!

What exactly is this holiday, you might wonder? CLICK HERE to find out, but also to see a bunch of cute animals, and participate yourself!

Coral Reef Awareness Week -15th

As most of us know, the coral reefs haven't been doing too well over the past few years. But what exactly is going on? CLICK HERE to learn more about the coral reefs, why they are important, and what you can do to help.

International Chess Day -20th

Did you know that chess is one of the oldest board games invented? CLICK HERE to learn what chess is, how it has evolved, the fun facts we found, and learn how to play! 

Shark Week! -21st

Another year means another round of Shark Week! Did you know it will be hosted by John Cena on Discovery this year? CLICK HERE and take a look at events, airings, and activities happening with Shark Week. 

The 2024 Summer Olympics Start -26th

The summer Olympics in Paris, France starts! Take a look at what sports/events are being held and where by CLICKING HERE. You can also see where the events will take place, when the official start date is, stats from the last summer Olympics, and how you can celebrate the games this year!

Librarian Picks

Have a look at some of the librarian picks for this month! The list of books and movies for your enjoyment is all picked based on the holidays appearing this month. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to find your next read/watch!

Other July Holiday's!

You've seen all the more major holidays this month, but what about the more obscure holidays? Like Don't Step on a Bee Day? Or Barbie in a Blender Day? What do these holidays mean? How can you celebrate them? CLICK HERE and you can find out!