Career Pathway Certificates

Career Pathway Certificates (CPC) can be completed in just a few weeks or months and are designed to provide critical job and technical skills through hands-on training. A career pathway certificate can be earned at little to no cost to you and provides a direct path to fast-growing entry-level jobs, increased wages and options to continue your education and training.

The Opportunity Dubuque program, a partnership with Greater Dubuque Development Corporation, offers financial support and licensed childcare within eligible programs in the Dubuque and Peosta area.

Submit this form or call 833.642.2338 for more information on Opportunity Dubuque and Career Pathway Certificate programs.

Student Benefits

  • Low to No Cost. You can complete a CPC with little to no debt. Financial support is available to eligible students enrolled in specific programs to reduce enrollment barriers and help cover your training, childcare, program supplies and transportation costs. 
  • Short Training Commitment. Most CPCs are completed in a matter of weeks or less than six months.
  • Critical Skill Development. Local employers work with us to ensure you have the critical job and technical skills to give you an employment advantage.
  • You're Hired. Local employers sponsor programs and hire our graduates.
  • Continue Your Training. It is easy to continue your career training by applying your CPC courses to a degree program at NICC. This leads to better job opportunities, higher salaries and career advancement. If you are an Iowa resident enrolled in an eligible program, you may qualify to earn your degree tuition-free.

Business Benefits

  • Skilled Employees. CPC programs teach critical technical skills and improve or develop vital soft skills to grow employees.
  • Employee Retention. An investment in training will engage and retain your current employees at a much higher rate costing you much less over time.
  • Skill Advancement. Keeping employees current on existing and training them on emerging technology advances the productivity and profitability of your business.

CPC Programs

Advanced Manufacturing

Location: Cresco, Oelwein, Peosta
Location: Calmar, Peosta
Location: Calmar, Peosta
Location: Peosta
Location: Cresco
Location: Manchester, Oelwein, Peosta, Waukon

Business and Hospitality

Location: Dubuque
Location: Town Clock Business Center (Dubuque)
Location: Town Clock Business Center (Dubuque)


Location: Calmar, Peosta
Location: Calmar, Peosta


Location: Town Clock Business Center (Dubuque)
Location: Dubuque

Health Sciences

Location: Calmar, Cresco, Manchester, Oelwein, Peosta, Town Clock Business Center (Dubuque), Waukon
Location: Calmar, Peosta
Location: Online
Location: Cresco, Dubuque

Information Technology

Power Mechanics and Transportation

Location: Oelwein, Peosta, Waukon